Did You know that stealing a vehicle in TRNC is not considered as Theft?

Stealing a vehicle in the TRNC is not considered a theft under the law but called 'using unauthorized vehicles from the owners' and is considered only as a traffic offence which can land offenders years in jail.

According to the TRNC law, 'motor vehicle stealing' is not considered 'theft'.

Theft in the TRNC Criminal Code does not include 'stealing vehicles' and the crime is simply called 'using unauthorized vehicles from the owners' which is only considered as a 'traffic offence' under the TRNC laws.
Even if you try it, you cant take the car anywhere. You will be caught at any port of exit.

But please don't try to steal a car for this reason because you will definitely be caught and prosecuted.  

Punishment for traffic offences is as severe as that of vehicle thefts in the TRNC...

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