Two students arrested for drugs in Girne

Two students have been arrested after the directorate of anti-narcotics and smuggling unit storm an apartment in Girne and found 4 grams of drugs and a large number of wrapped cigarettes in their apartment.

The arrested was made on Saturday at about 12:30 and 3:00pm during an operation by the drug team in Kyrenia.

The two suspects who are students were taken to a court in Girne on charges of ​​Illegal Drug Abuse and Saving.

Police said it found 3 grams of drugs wrapped in transparent nylon in a separate jar in two separate bedrooms, and in a glass jar including a plastic shredder that was used in drug-making, a wrapped cigarettes, which are believed to be drugs mixed with tobacco.

A search in the hall of the residence, 1 gram of drug hidden in a pot was found and also in the car.

They were given a three-day prison order pending investigation.

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