Student made apartment basement a 'prostitution nest' - Resident of Dereboyo apartment cries out

Residents of Haci Ali 5 Apartments located on Osmanpaşa Street, the busiest street in Dereboyu, claimed that some students staying as tenants in the building have made the apartment uninhabitable. 

The resident who claim that they are in trouble with foreign students said residents of the apartment basement floor made it a 'prostitution nest' and wants authorities to find a solution soon.

Bircan Gürler, one of the residents of the apartment who spoke to Kibris said she was in trouble with the students. Gürler stated that she had found condoms and drink bottles that were used many times in the basement floor.

We were afraid to use the basement, she said.

Gürler noted that the problem with foreign students was not limited to prostitution.

Gürler, who has repeatedly complained to the police and many organizations before, said the following:

They threatened me many times because of my complaint. They hurt my car by throwing stones, drawing and hitting. The police have a lot of files on my car. I'm calling the police every day. They can see me calling the police every day. Now I can live with fear and fear. Due to all these pressures, I now go to the Greek side and plan to settle there.

Gürler also noted that she is an apartment manager, the foreign students living in their apartment, claimed that the lease contracts.

Bircan Gürler, said she complained to the Tax Office about the situation, but the authorities did not give any response.

These people staying without a contract and the state does not tax them, she said.

Source: Kibris

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