9 Nigerians, 2 Zimbabweans and 1 Ghanaian arrested for murder of student, 3 confessed to the killing

The number of people arrested in connection with the murder of a Nigerian student found dead in a forest area in Haspolat on Friday, April, 19 has increased to 12.

Those arrested include 11 males and one female. 

According to reports on Monday, 3 out of the 12 people arrested for the murder, confessed to the crime in court.

They were brought to a court in Lefkosa on Monday and given a three day detention order while investigation continues.

Until Sunday, the police had issues identifying the victim who was later identified as Walshak Augustine Ngok, 25 following the arrest of 9 people in an operation in Gonyeli on Sunday evening and the recovery of a car, used by the suspects.

9 suspects were arrested and detained in a successful operation by the Forensic Branch and Criminal Prevention Department (CÖŞ) teams in a house in Gönyeli on Sunday and another three suspect detained in another home operation.

Laptop, phones and some of signs were confiscated. The arrest resolved the secret of a terrible incident. 

Walshak Augustine Ngok, a Nigerian, was reportedly killed by his roommate for money allegedly stolen.

One of the suspects confessed to the police, where the murder took place.

The murder took place in the living room of an apartment located in the Lavinyum Site in Dikmen.

He was severely beaten and strangled.

Meanwhile, the victim was reported to have fought with his friend in front of an apartment building on Lavinyum Sitesi on the day of the incident.

Among those arrested are 9 Nigerians, 2 Zimbabweans and 1 Ghanaian

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