Hilarious Trump impersonator goes viral (video)

A New York construction worker who does an eerily good impression of fellow New Yorker-turned Commander and Chief Donald Trump has been catching people’s attention on social media. 

Thomas Mundy, 58, of Long Beach, New York is the man seen nailing the president’s speaking voice, mannerisms, and speech patterns in a viral clip that’s been seen more than 3.1 million times on Twitter alone in about a week.
I have other videos that are 20 times funnier than that,' Mundy told the Daily Mail on Saturday. 'By hook or by crook, whoever put it up must have had [a lot of followers].' 

The married, former comedian and local AM radio host who now works as an union iron worker for local union 66 in Long Island, told the Daily Mail he's been doing celebrity impressions since his younger days doing open mic sets at comedy clubs.

But Mundy didn't record his first impersonation of Trump until Trump announced he was running for president in 2015.
I did a video on my roof. My wife filmed me as soon as he started running because people said I look like him, Mundy said.

That video didn't get much traffic, but Mundy's resemblance and impression of Trump has made him quite popular in New York where he's been getting booked to portray the president at parties, weddings, professional gatherings and charity events for the last three plus years.

Mundy and his co-workers were working on the Long Island Railroad on April 9 when he started doing an impression of Trump during his lunch break.

One of Mundy's colleagues asked if he could film the performance and post it online.
What a tremendous day here, the Long Island Railroad is screwing up this job. It's a horrible job. I have hired my good friend, John Valenti, and his great wife, Rosie, they're tremendous people, Mundy says in the clip.

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