EMU rector accused of assaulting student protesting hike n school fees, Rector denies claim of assault

The Rector of the Eastern Mediterranean University, EMU, Famagusta, North Cyprus who was accused of beating a student protesting the increase in tuition fees has rejected the claim saying he only touched the shoulder of the student.

The incident happened on Friday, May, 10.

I didn't push, I touched his shoulder, Osam Necdet said in a statement addressing the controversy caused by the claim on social media.

Students of the university claimed that students were beaten by the rector during a protest against the increase of tuition fees.

According to the rector, a few students came to his office to talk about the increase in fees which affected students dorms and meal. He was then told to come address other students waiting outside the office on the issue.

He went with the students to clarify and explain the decision taken by the university when he was accused of assaulting a student.

Osam who said he noted that there was nothing wrong with students protesting, said he was trying to express himself in the crowd when he touched a had spoken student on the shoulder who said "It's not true that you are doing this".

He emphasized that violence is not even in question, noting that all this happened when he tried to make a way through the crowd.

He said that the school is an institution that always respect the democratic rights of students. He dismissed the claim of assault and expresses how upset he is about the incident.

The vice rector of the university, Cem Tanova also weighed in and said the social media claim about the incident misrepresented what really transpired as it only reflected a small part of the entire event.

Cem Tanova said the rector wanted to make a statement by going downstairs but the students began to boo him when he came down. The rector spoke loudly due to the noise and crowd but the students began to sing slogans. He said the rector only touched the student who seemed to pushed back adding that the event was misunderstood.

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