A long alligator broke into home, terrified a woman, 77, and left a trail of destruction as it ransacked her kitchen

An alligator measuring nearly 3.5 metres broke through a kitchen window in Clearwater, Florida, terrifying residents as it left a trail of wreckage, according to police.

A 77-year-old woman found this beast in her kitchen. Picture: Twitter
Clearwater Police Department posted photos and video on Twitter of the ungainly gator showing off its toothy grin amid a pair of toppled chairs, the New York Post reported.

It was still dark when the massive beast raided the kitchen through the home’s ground-level windows, the department said in a tweet.

Apparently disappointed by the slim pickings it found in the kitchen, the alligator proceeded to throw a wine-bottle-smashing tantrum worthy of a tempremental Hollywood star

The red liquid in the video is wine, not blood, local police tweeted, alongside footage showing a trapper trying to rein in the raging reptile.

Resident Mary Wischhusen, 77, was on her way to the bathroom at around 3:30am when she heard a loud crash and discovered her unwelcome house guest, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Police and a trapper wrangled in the ‘gator and no-one was hurt. Picture: Twitter
Police and a trapper wrangled in the ‘gator and no-one was hurt. Picture: TwitterSource:Supplied
All I had was a vision of a huge head, Wischhusen said. A big head looking at me saying, ‘Hey!’

The elderly woman locked herself in her bedroom while officers and trappers arrived.

All trussed up and nowhere to go. Picture: Twitter
All trussed up and nowhere to go. Picture: TwitterSource:Supplied
I don’t know why he wanted my red wine, but he got my red wine, Wischhusen said of the ‘gator.

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