Baby left fighting for life after catching herpes virus from kiss at christening

A newborn baby almost died when he contracted herpes virus in his eye after being kissed at a christening.

Noah Tindle was just four-weeks-old when his mum, Ashleigh White, noticed her son's right eye was swollen, blistered and was watering.

After seeking medical advice in September last year, Noah was rushed to hospital and was quickly diagnosed with Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) - known as the 'kiss of death'.

Doctors told devastated Ashleigh her newborn baby was likely to have caught the virus through an infected adult kissing his face, causing him to almost lose the sight in one eye.

The 21-year-old mum guessed it had been contracted at a christening the family had attended together just five days before.

Noah - who is now nine-months-old - spent two-and-a-half months in hospital recovering.

Despite relapsing in March this year, he's currently hitting all his milestones as he continues a course of antiviral medication due to finish in 2020.

Ashleigh, a phone sales agent from Barnsley, south Yorkshire, said:

He was only four-weeks-old when he contracted herpes in his eye.
We went to a christening where friends were holding and kissing him - it could have been any of them.
I just want to make more people aware of the risks and consequences of kissing a baby, especially a newborn when you suffer from cold sores as I know how heartbreaking it can be seeing your baby so poorly.
Hardly anyone had seen the photos of Noah when he contracted the virus until I posted the pictures online but I thought it was important to spread more awareness.


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