More details emerge on Obasanjo's death

More details on the murder of Nigerian student who was found dead and wrapped in a blanket in a car trunk in Lefkosa has emerged.

Obasanjo Adeola Owoyale, 33 was found dead in the truck of a car parked in an open space near Şht. Ruso Middle School in Lefkosa just, 8 days after he was declared missing on July, 1.

An autopsy result revealed that he died as a result of cutting / crushing tool injury, fracture of  multiple head bones and brain tissue injury.

Following the incident, the police examined all camera images around the area and were able to identity the last place he visited before carrying out an early morning operation on Thursday, July, 11, at a three-story building located Yolu Street where 11 Nigerians were arrested in connection with the murder.

A knife believed to be a murder weapon, carpets with traces of blood on it and vases was found.

Police also found blood on the side walls of the building which is thought to be the victim's blood.

Police seized their mobile phones, laptops and will be used as exhibit.

The allege suspects were brought to a Lefkosa court on Friday and a three day detention order issued against them.

According to police report, he was wrapped in a blanket and thrown through the bedroom window on the third floor of the apartment where the murder took place.

They then went downstairs and locked his body in the trunk of his car and the car was parked on an empty land in Lefkosa, 200 meters and one street away from the crime scene.

A report by Turkish Cypriot media, allege that he was a victim of money settlement.  

An unconfirmed report say they all rejected the accusation brought against them.

Police are still investigating the matter as all suspects will be brought to court again on Monday.

Source: Kibris and Havadis

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  1. All Nigerians should come together and creat good image for themselves. This is becoming too bad for the good Nigerians there


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