Police buy food for woman caught shoplifting at supermarket

A woman, seen crying, was stopped by security with unpaid items in her purse. What the cops did next is truly heartwarming.

A group of NYPD cops surrounded a woman who had been stopped by security for putting items in a bag at a New York store — then paid for the goods, prompting the lady to break down in tears.

The woman was shopping at the popular Union Square’s Whole Foods on Thursday, when the unexpected act occurred.

I saw the woman open up her bag, and one of the officers looked in the bag, said documentary filmmaker Paul Bozymowski, who had gone to the store for cookout materials and witnessed the scene.

Mr Bozymowski later posted details and a photo on Twitter 

And (the cop) said: I’ll buy your food. Just really simply and plainly, he explained.

Expecting a far worse outcome, the woman began to cry, the witness said.

She was just overwhelmed with gratitude for these officers, he said.

The officers eventually accompanied the woman to the customer-service counter and purchased the items for her, Mr Bozymowski said.

The witness praised The Finest for their Fourth of July kindness on Twitter.

I wasn’t surprised, Mr Bozymowski said. I’ve lived in New York 25 years. It was just a really moving moment.

The NYPD confirmed the incident and retweeted Mr Bozymowski’s post, which has since racked up hundreds of likes and retweets, with Twitter users commending the cops for their holiday gesture.

Thank you NYPD, one person wrote.
Sometimes the right thing is the compassionate move.

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