Amazing footage shows isolated Amazon tribe see “modern man” for the first time ever (video)

A native from Belgium, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux rose to international prominence with his extraordinary Academy Award-nominated documentary “Raoni”, an uncompromising investigation of the complex issues surrounding the survival of the remaining indigenous Indians of the Amazon Rainforest and, indeed, of the Rainforest itself.

One of the excerpts of the 1978 documentary, which has been uploaded in full on YouTube, shows some members of the Toulambi tribe coming into contact with the “modern man” for the first time.

The Toulambi are among the very last witnesses of our distant past. When the last tribe is contacted and moved from the Stone Age into the modern world, from being free and masters of their own destiny to being poor and at the lowest level of our western society, it is a part of ourselves that will vanish forever.

Although some sceptics had disputed the authenticity of the encounter caught or video, overtime its veracity has been generally accepted.

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