Girls are not gold diggers

I'm a contrarian when I hear the word "GOLD DIGGERS" who is gold digger? Why do we tag all ladies as gold diggers? well, as far as am concern it is very ok for ladies to be gold diggers. Why? It gives us "GUYS" the opportunity to raise our standard and well being.

Its very simple lets ask ourselves one question guys, if we happened to be girls are we gonna date a broke nigger? NO!!! Its obvious, let's not be judgemental and stop placing tag on our beautiful ladies.

Here is a tip of advice guys, if you're not ready don’t rush into any relationship. What do I mean by that? Firstly, a man need to take care of some basic things in life,  before even thinking of dating someone.

Before any full commitment you should have this in mind, every relationship comes with great responsibility. do not get me wrong I'm not saying one should be financially free before allowing someone to come into his life, NO! all I'm saying is at least you should be able to take care of yourself before considering any other things.

Self love is the greatest love of all.  strive to be somebody in life, forget about girls at that moment and focus. Trust me there are lots of girls in the world and they will never be extinct.

After all the hustle and grinding you will be king in your castle who marries a queen and give birth to a king. At that point in life you will not remember or even be bothered about the word " GOLD DIGGERS"

Share your opinion guys lets hear you out.

By Samson Daramola

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