Immigration issues with old students in Cyprus

Today we will be talking about most immigration issues old students are facing in north Cyprus.

As a foreigner arriving in a country for the first time on a study visa, the first thing to do is go through the country's immigration laws and get a resident permit.

Most students has failed in this area year after year which put them in big trouble with immigration and police.

-For those who do not want to register for a particular semester due to financial reasons or so, make sure to freeze that semester and pay off your debt. That way, you can get a resident permit and stay legally in the country.

-For those who may had dropped out of school and failed to freeze, make sure to settle your account with the university and register for the new semester.

-You may have been in the country without a resident permit for some time and during this time you were not registered with any university and now wish to travel, make sure to register with a university, get amnesty from the government and then get a new resident permit. But if you want to go and not come back, you can just walk through the Ercan airport and no one will harass you. (But make sure you are not coming back to the country).

-If you got the new online resident permit after years of not having a resident permit and wished to travel out of the country,
1. You will be lucky to escape fine if you have been registered with a university during the period.
2. In the event that you were not registered with a university during the period, you will require an amnesty, need to register with a university or pay a fine at the immigration office for living in the country illegally.
3. To determine your status please visit the immigration office with your passport.

-All old students who came into the country before the September, 2018 session and did their online resident permit between March and August, 2019 and paid for 6 months immigration fee instead of one year, must pay the other six months if not your resident permit may have expired even before you paid for it.

-Some people found out that it was too late to process their resident permit because it was remaining only a few months (about 2-3 months) before they are required to do for the next year beginning from September, 30 and so decided not to do it, you are putting yourself at risk and might be arrested by the police.

-When such a person finally decided to do for the coming year, he or she will need to pay for the previous year. (The risk is that you might be arrested and deported before that time.)

-Make sure you have full access to your university portal. This will allow you have access to the university when needed. Dont wait till you debt pile up before paying, pay any little thing you can lay your hands on.

-For all those who will be returning to the island after the long summer holiday, make sure to return before SEPTEMBER, 30 to avoid issues with immigration as all resident permits expires on September, 30.

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