Meet FERDINARD Oshionebo Dika -@ #6 on our ''Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors in Cyprus'' 2019

Featuring today as #6 on our top 10 most Eligible Bachelors in Cyprus, 2019 is FERDINARD Oshionebo Dika.

Lets meet Ferdinard.

Ferdinard is Nigerian and a native of Lagos State Nigeria. He had his primary school education in Lagos and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Benin, Nigeria. He did his masters in Cyprus and is currently studying for his PhD in Energy at the Cyprus International University, Cyprus.  

He is hard working and an entrepreneur. 

-Date of birth: February 2

-Nick name: Fernando

-Academic background: Phd student

-Cultural Background: He speaks Yoruba English and few other languages

-Religion: Christian.

-Best food: Stew and rice

-Dislike: He dislike deceit

-Likes: Trust

-Leisure/hobby: Football and Play station game

-Advice to fan: If you stand for something you will fall for anything

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