Meet PRINCE Lubosi -@ #2 on our ''Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors in Cyprus'' 2019

We are meeting a Prince Today! featuring as #2 on our top 10 most Eligible Bachelors in Cyprus, 2019.

Are you excited? Lets meet PRINCE Lubosi!

prince was born into a royal family. It took him a while to embrace the royal blood and introduce himself as “Prince”. 

His full name is Prince Lubosi Mawaniketwa Lewanika II. He was named by King Ilute Yeta Lewanika who ruled from 1977 to 2000.  

-Country: He is from Zambia.

-Date of birth: March 31st, Phew! he was almost an April fool child.

-Nick Name: His nick name is “Prince LB”.  He is also know as MIS (Man In Suit)  because of his outstanding dress code.
-Academic background and career: He is currently in his final year pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technologies. However, his career path is marketing because of how swift he engages in advertisements and business.

His goal is to lead by example in order to sufficiently add value to society. Guided by the motive of leadership and good will in adherence to the discipline and focus code of very high spirits to have an impact in society. 

-Religion: Christianity. 

-Favourite dish: Nshima (aka pap, banku, sadza) served with deep fried fish (Tilapia), spinach and gravy.

-Likes and Hobbies: Reading, collecting money, cooking, baking, car racing, music, traveling, adventure, sports, technology and consuming comedy content. 

-Favourite Quote: “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. are the ones who do. ” – Rob Siltanen. I believe this is one of the best qoutes to live by because it reminds me to think without limits and never doubt my wildest thoughts.

-Advice to fans:  Put a hundred percent in that one thing that differentiates you from everybody else. Go all out and do not be afraid to fail. Enjoy the process to success because its a cycle.

-Social Media: Instagram: @Prince_Lubosi, Facebook: Prince Lubosi Lewanika,Twitter: @LewanikaLubosi,Snapchat: @Luboss_1738

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