Must Read! A message to all new students in Cyprus

The new academic session is just a few days/weeks away depending on your university. New students will be coming in while old students who traveled for the long summer holiday will be coming back but not many of you are aware of what to expect or what to do.

First and foremost, this is for the new students;
- It is very important that you start and complete your registration within the first week of resumption. After that, proceed with your resident permit (This is done online). Failure to do this within the stipulated time can land you in trouble and make you an alien in the country.

-Take class attendance very seriously and make sure to attend at least 75% of your classes for the semester. If there is a need to miss class, communicate it to your teacher or the appropriate authorities. 

-Stay away from trouble and crime. Do not indulge in illegal activities like stealing, fighting, selling and smoking of drugs. This can land you in jail and then deportation.

-Always tell your trusted friends about your every movement.

-Make sure to have a registered sim card.

-Always ask question if you feel lost.

-It will be winter in a few months time, dress properly to avoid health issue. If you feel winter clothes are too expensive in Cyprus, try to get a few when coming.

-There is no readily available jobs in Cyprus, but you too can do something to make money rather than be a liability. You render service, import stuff and sell or do something you think you have a talent for. Do not waste your time waiting on promises or waiting for a perfect job. (We need bloggers, maybe you can help us too lol)

-Try to be an active member of your student union or society. 

-If you must party, please stay out of trouble.

-If you must drive, make sure you are not drunk and not on high speed. Accidents are common everywhere but you too can avoid it.

-Above all, you are here for studies and that should be your main focus. Strive for the best and give your country a good name.

From us at Olomoinfo Blog, we wish all new students in Cyprus all the best!

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