Three released, one sent to prison for three months before trial whilst murder suspect may have fled to Nigeria

One of those arrested in connection with the murder of Nigerian student, Obasanjo Adeola Owoyale has been sent to prison for a period of three months before trial while three others were released after investigation showed that they had no connection with the murder.

11 people were arrested in connection with the murder after Nigerian student, Obasanjo was found dead and wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of a car parked in an open space on a school road in Lefkosa on July, 8, 8 days after he was declared missing on Monday, July, 1.

Autopsy result showed that he died from brain injury and cuts to the head.

Police carried out a massive raid on an apartment located about 200 meters from where the vehicle was parked on Thursday, July, 11. During the raid, police found blood stain on a carpet and the wall of the apartment and a knife believed to be a murder weapon.

They were taken as exhibits and sent to Ankara, Turkey for analysis. Results of the analysis matched the blood stain on the items with that of Obasanjo.

During investigation, more than 21 people were arrested and questioned and 38 statements collected.

Police findings revealed that he was murdered over a dispute for 32,000 Euros whilst about 36, 241 Euros was withdrawn from the victim's account during the period.

Seven of those arrested were released last week after investigation revealed that they had no connection with the murder.

Three of the remaining four were released on Friday, August, 2 after more investigation revealed that they had no connection with the murder whilst one of them was sent to prison for a period not exceeding three months after which he will face trial for murder.

Police prosecutor noted in court on Friday that enough testimony of the last suspects involvement in the offense of manslaughter has been gathered. 

He also indicated that the suspect has been an illegal resident in the country since 2017.

The suspect told the court that he had no connection with the incident. He claimed that he did not know the murdered person and did not know the name of the person occupying the room where the murder occurred. 

He told the court that the occupant of the room who had only been there for three months had fled to Nigeria.

His lawyer demanded that his client be released because he had no ties with the incident. 

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