Turkish man poos on himself in a supermarket then kicks it under a fridge to hide it (video)

Like the saying goes, shit happens and when it's the real shit trying to obey nature's call, you have no time to decide what to do next than to obey - who has it not happened to?

supermarket shitter
So this man while in a supermarket got so unlucky as was caught on camera doing the do as he poo on his pants right in the middle of the supermarket and the only thing that came to his mind at the time was to push it under a fridge to cover up making a huge mess of the place.... but who does that?

The incident, reportedly happened in the north-western Turkish province of Sakarya.

And then it all backfires as he smears the mess all over the floor with his blue crocs, creating a huge stain and drawing the attention of the cashier, which he unsuccessfully tries to shrug off as if nothing has happened, completing his transaction and leaving the store as if he hasn't just left a brown stain in the middle of the floor.

The footage, has been shared on social media and has since gone viral.

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