A black man sues American Airlines for rRemoving him from first-class to make room for a dog

A black man is reportedly suing American Airlines for allegedly removing him from first-class to make room for a dog. Dana Holcomb has accused American Airlines employees for removing him from first-class and the flight to make room for a dog.

According to reports, Dana Holcomb was flying back to Austin from Las Vegas in April when there was a layover in Phoenix. While boarding the flight, Holcomb, who was seated in first class, realized the person next to him had a service dog. Holcomb is allergic to dogs and a reaction began within minutes.

Holcomb said the passenger offered to switch seats but after no one was willing to give up their seat the pilot and a stewardess got involved.

At that point (workers) told him you’re going to go to the rear of the plane or get off the plane, Holcomb's attorney Reginald McKamie, Sr. said during a press conference.

Holcomb was then taken off the plane after American Airlines employees alleged he was confrontational, which he denied. Two other passengers made sworn statements corroborating Holcomb.

After disembarking, Holcomb said he wasn't given his luggage or his allergy medication and had to figure out an alternative way home. He stayed at a hotel in Phoenix and then flew back to Auston via Delta Airlines. McKamie said Holcomb is seeking punitive damages, contractual damages.

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