Reason ladies go wild when they are heartbroken

Why do ladies go wild when they are heartbroken ? This is an issue most people don’t like or wouldn’t want to talk about because some don’t wanna hear the real truth.

Most of us has experience heartbreak in one or too many ways. This is the life we have to experience things. Its part of what makes us.

Life doesn’t give you what you want it gives you what you deserved. Don’t get me wrong I'm not saying we all deserves heartbreak  but its part of life. It gives you more experience and purpose to life.

Most ladies in their 20's encounter this a lot and it affects them psychologically, physically and emotionally which makes them go wild. They go after boys as much as they want, they party wild do drugs and all sought of things.

We ask 50% of ladies the main reason they chose to live such life 40% said, they are heartbroken while others give flimsy excuses. They further said, they don’t want anybody in there life at the moment they just wanna have fun! LOL

Fun is good, its so good to have fun. But you shouldn’t abuse fun at the expense of having fun. Most ladies keep going through this cycle of life. They don’t care and they don't wanna learn from others. It became so late before they realise they are making a huge mistake.

If you eventually fall on this cycle of life, which is likely to happen. Here is what you should do instead of abusing fun  LOL

This applies to both male and female. If a guy or a girl breaks your heart. Calm down and take a break from relationship. Don’t rush into another, try figure out yourself and what you did wrong.

If you experienced epiphany adjust and re-edit yourself. To err is human.  If you try to make up and it doesn’t work, don’t beat yourself too much about it.

Move on with your life don’t think too much. alcohol, drugs or fun abuse won't help either. Try do something that is gonna keep you busy that will make you totally forget about that person.

Don’t hold grudges but remember to forgive, so it set your free.

Don’t ever depreciate your value because someone dump you! appreciate and love yourself more for who you are.

You are so beautiful they are just too blind to see that. And that might just be the perfect time to focus on you and work on yourself in every areas of life.

Always remember this when we are single we see a happy couple, we wish we are like them. But when we got engage we wish to be single.

You are the architect of your life! live everyday as if its your last. life is too short and it has no guarantees. Try make everyday day count instead of living in distress and unhappiness.

By Samson Daramola 

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