‘Sweet’ teen accused of stealing from her parents to pay a hitman to murder them

A “sweet” teenager from Florida is accused of paying a would-be killer to murder her mother and stepfather with money she stole from them.

Ms Hatcher allegedly took money from her parents debit cards before paying her friend.
A teenager from Florida has been arrested after an alleged murder plot was uncovered, which police say involved the high school student stealing cash from her parents to pay off multiple people to kill them.

Alyssa Michelle Hatcher, 17, from Florida, was arrested this week by officers on two counts of criminal solicitation of murder.

The high school student, is accused of stealing almost $2100 from her mother and stepfather’s bank account as part of an alleged plot to have them killed, according to an arrest document filed by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, WFTV reports.

Her of all people, that was very shocking to me, a student from her high school told WFTV. She’s such a sweet girl. She’s very caring.

According to Detective David Causey, after stealing a debit card from her parents, Ms Hatcher withdrew money on two different occasions and used it to buy cocaine, before attempting to pay two different people to kill her parents.

After paying one person who failed to carry out the deed, Ms Hatcher allegedly went ahead and paid another person a larger sum. While both failed to enact any harm on her parents, when police made them aware of the alleged plot, they said they wanted their daughter charged.

Mr Causey said Ms Hatcher’s boyfriend spoke with police and told them he’d seen the teen on September 9 at a local drug house, where she’d said she “wanted to kill her parents”, according to reporting by Heavy.

According to the report, Ms Hatcher’s plan came undone when a staffer from her school heard that the teen had paid “a lot of money” to one of her friends to have her parents killed.

As police investigated, they learnt Ms Hatcher had solicited not one, but two people to try and kill her parents, Sergeant Fred Jones said in a statement.

When interviewed by police over the allegations, Ms Hatcher told detectives she paid one person about $580, after buying herself about $145 worth of cocaine.

When the first person didn’t carry out the killing, Ms Hatcher is then alleged to have paid another person a further $1300, according to the arrest report. The payments were allegedly made by cash and Paypal.

Following her arrest, she was taken to the Lake County Jail, before being handed to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

She’s been ordered to remain in custody during her detention hearing, according to reports. She was appointed a public defender however it’s not clear who would be defending her.

The teen’s parents were made aware of the plot, and requested their daughter be charged, according to CNN.

According to local reports from WFTV, Ms Hatcher’s stepfather is a police lieutenant who has worked for the Clermont Police Department for the past 31 years.

No motive was identified by police.

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