TRNC issues new immigration law

The North Cyprus Ministry of Interior has made new comprehensive changes to immigration laws concerning foreigners in the country. The first time the law is been reviewed in 67 years. 

“The Law on Foreigners and Immigration under the Law on Foreigners and Immigration came into force in 1952, which regulates the entry and stay of foreigners the country.

The new review covers important arrangements such as visa types, durations, conditions and cancellation requirements for foreigners who entered the country for the first time.

It also covers residence permits, types of residence permits, duration of these permits, and conditions for cancellation of permits. 

Under the new regulation, residence permit applications can be made online in accordance with the work carried out by the ministry and will be ready latest November. The applications will allow great ease in the online system.

On October 23, 2019, the new regulation will be enacted, with comprehensive regulations for the safer registration of foreigners who are present with visas and residence permits.

Interior Minister, Aysegul Baybars, pointed out that the regulations on entry into the country and comprehensive control procedures will be carried out in the country on suspicious situations.

With the new regulation, when entering the country; inspection and examination of travel documents, determination of whether it is subject to processing by judicial and administrative authorities, determination of whether or not it is sought at international level, determination of the purpose of arrival, determination of the manner of living and accommodation in the country, whether visa is allowed or not and other issues deemed necessary in terms of public health and safety will be checked at the airport.

Under the old statutes and conditions, visa types are not available, all visas 'are uniform' as a result foreigners can not be understood for what purpose they are in the country for.

They are then given 90-days visa and after it expires, another 90 days can be issued upon application and this situation allows foreigners to stay in the country with the visa and work unregistered which causes abuse of the system.

With the new regulation, this abuse is terminated and the new regulation states that a foreigner cannot exceed 90 days in the country. Again, the first 48 hours of entry into the country will not be calculated as a stay. 

In the old practice, when foreigners were given visas, questions could be asked about how long they would stay in the country and when they would leave. In the new regulation, it was made compulsory for them to show that they will leave the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus during the visa period.

Under the new regulations, the purpose of coming to the country and duration of stay will be recorded.

18 types of visa will be granted under the new regulation.

Citizens of other countries and citizens of the EU countries who are represented in the country are allowed to enter the country with a passport valid for at least 2 months and citizens of the countries that do not have a representative in the TRNC and citizens of EU countries will be allowed to enter with a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Those applying for work permit are required to have at least two-year passport validity.

Also visas for visitors can be cancelled in cases where necessary. 

Those who are married to a TRNC citizen and stateless citizens can obtain a residence permit exemption certificate within the last forty days after the expiry of their legal permission.

The exemption certificate for these persons will be issued for a maximum of two years at a time and no fees will be charged. However, if the exemption certificate is not received, the penalty will be counted. With the application of the exemption certificate, it will be ensured that many people in this scope will be registered ”.

To obtain the new residence permit or visa for foreigners, all the communiqu├ęs and notifications means including mobile phone number and address must be stated. 

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