Woman had her arms and legs amputated due to an infection from her dog’s saliva

When an Ohio woman woke up from a 10-day coma, she was shocked to learn that both her legs and arms had been partially amputated—especially because the last thing she remembered was feeling sick and lying down on her couch.

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It all started when Marie and her husband Matthew Trainer returned from a vacation to the Caribbean. Marie started feeling nauseous and having back pain, she told Fox 8. She thought it was the flu, but then her temperature suddenly spiked and plummeted. That was the first sign that it was something more serious.

Her temperature went up then went down to about 93 degrees, that’s when we rushed her to the hospital.

Marie was then placed into a medically-induced coma, as her limbs began to deteriorate as a result of gangrene, or dead tissue.
Finally, Marie's blood tests revealed her diagnosis: She had contracted a bacteria called capnocytophaga.
***One reason I dont like getting body contact with animals!

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