Amorous plumber is caught on CCTV 'having s.e.x with another man's wife in customer's house

A randy plumber was allegedly caught on CCTV having s.e.x with another man's wife in the family home of a customer who watched in horror after returning from a Turkish holiday with his own wife and four children.

Mike Wilson, 42, was being paid to work on the bathroom at Michael Williams' home in Kendal, Cumbria - but instead used their lounge and sofa to sleep with his secret lover.

The boiler engineer, who is still demanding £570 for his plumbing work, had no idea there was a small camera in the lounge that showed his van on the drive and his lover arriving for a two-hour sex session.

At one stage in the clip, Mr Wilson apparently spots the camera, describing it as a 'f******g Dalek thing' watching them 'on his couch drinking beer.'

It also recorded the sound of them romping - including the distinct noises of slapping and groaning - before they were filmed leaving together at around 9.50pm.

Mr Williams recognised the blonde woman, who hasn't been named but is 37, as the wife of a mutual friend and he texted the husband to say: 'Sorry mate but think you need to see this. Your wife’s been sh*gging Mike Wilson in my house'.

Police in Cumbria are investigating the incident because Mr Wilson is accused of stealing the homeowner's beer the night of passion.

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