Blackmail or what? Turkish Media accuses African students of selling drugs on the streets of Cyprus

The rate at which Turkish Cypriot are now turning their attention on African students schooling in the country is becoming alarming! 

Just last week, it was a case of Africans having kids and not going to school and now its another unconfirmed report of Africans selling drugs in broad day light.

In a Facebook post by Turkish Cypriot media, Kibris Yetenekleri on Sunday, it made an unconfirmed claim that black people are now in the habit of selling drugs on the streets of Cyprus by closing the road with their latest model cars.

According to the writer, he/she intervened when he/she saw two black people doing hand-to-hand exchange of drugs while in the middle of the road.

He/she called on the police to pay more attention to the roads and increase the number of police personnel.

***This might just be a case of mistaken situation. These guys might only be exchanging pleasantries while driving past each other on the road. To raise such an issue without proper investigation is an act of  racism and should be stopped at once.

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