Gay Turkish man asks for sex from a male student he gave a lift to in Lefkosa, north Cyprus

So this male student was about to take a bus from Lemer, near cemetery in Lefkosa to Haspolat and while waiting for dumush (local paid transport) to come by, this Turkish man drove by and stopped for him to enter. 

The Turk asked him where he was going and he told him Haspolat. Interestingly, the man drove past other students (including male and female) but didn't stop for them.

As the journey continued, he started a convo with the student. "Where are you from my friend," "where do you school"? 

Just after the Hamikoy and towards Lefkosa, this guy reduced the speed of the car and started a weird conversation. "Nigerians are very good in bed" he told the student who felt unease with the question.

He began to touch him on his lap and told him he wanted sex from the male student. This infuriated the student who threw his hand off his leg and shouted at him to take his hands off him. At this time, the Turkish man almost lost control of the vehicle. 

He continued and told him that he would pay him to have sex with him and how he thinks Africans are good on bed.

The car reached Haspolat and the student got off the car but the whole episode kept repeating in his head and this affected him psychologically. 

This is what many students are facing on a daily basis from perverts who who were supposed to help get to where they were going.

Anyone with such experience too? Let us know!

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  1. First of all I'm not a Turkish national, but I think there is enough of hate towards we the foreigners in here in Northern Cyprus and if you post such news mentioning nationalities, I believe it would create more of hate and all, so I'd advice you to restrain from targeting nationalities, just focus on news


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