Nigerian mafias promotes human trafficking and prostitution in north Cyprus - TRNC parliamentarian claims

Human trafficking and sex slavery are not only limited to night clubs in the country but are promoted by Nigerian mafias who traffic girls into the country for prostitution, said Doğuş Derya, a member of the TRNC parliament.

Doğuş Derya made the remarks on Thursday during a discussion with local media, BRT.

Speaking on the issue of human trafficking in the country, the parliamentarian stated that human trafficking and sex slavery in the country are not actually limited to nightclubs.

She noted that human trafficking in night clubs can be controlled but the control mechanism is weak.

She spoke on a number of situation which she witnessed especially among Nigerian students in the country.

There are a number of situations that I witnessed, especially among Nigerian students. You can see that Nigerian students mafia trade human beings among themselves, she said.
Doğuş Derya
She also made mention of how these mafias registers prospective students from Nigeria and when they arrive the country, they seize their passport and demand that they pay back 40,000 euros and by so doing force them into prostitution.

For example, they register a female student in a university here to study law and so on, they cut their ticket when they come and told they have to pay 40,000 euros and to pay for it, they are forced into prostitution . I witnessed with my own eyes, she added.

*****This is really a serious issue. Does anyone has anything to say about this?


  1. Please stop profiling AFRICANS as such. I have witnessed several TURKISH,KAZHAKSTAN, and many others who are not of African origins offering such services for money. Every negative aspect in this soceity is mostly dierected at the BLACK COMMUNITY why??

  2. They should give us proof of the girl. This is an insult to our country

    1. not just the country but what they're doing is profiling BLACkS.......Most of cases that had been brought to court were not from Africans and i recall 2 weeks or less 2 guys were arrested in Kyrenia for promoting prostittution and were not Africans.

  3. What nonsense is this. Stop lying!. No Nigerian here is trafficking anybody. They trying to give us a bad image, so they can justify any rubbish they do against us.

  4. On the other side.. while this might exist, most people, when caught in such horrendous act will claim Nigerian even if they are not from Nigeria. Just because of the stereotype placed on Nigerians. However, the parliamentarian would have go an extra mile in validating her claim and not just what they told her. Thanks for the post Any way.


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