A UK based Zimbabwean man to sue Mnangagwa's son for $2 million adultery damages

A UK based Zimbabwean man, Nigel Musara, is angry after Sean Mnangagwa snatched his second wife of six years, Bernise Bernad to Zimbabwe.

UK Husband To Sue Sean Mnangagwa for $2 Million Adultery Damages
Sean Mnangagwa, the son of Zimbabwe president, Emmerson Mnangagwa reportedly moved Bernise and two of Musara’s minor children from the UK to Zimbabwe, where he renting a flat for Bernise in Malbereign. It has also been revealed that this lover triangle has been going on for over 6 years.

Nigel Musara is now in the process of filing a $2 Million lawsuit against Sean Mnangagwa for Adultery damages.Bride PriceNigel first met Bernise in 2014. At that time, Bernise was Sean’s girlfriend. Bernise Left Sean and started dating Nigel. Nigel and Bernise fell madly in love and traveled all over the world.

 Our sources revealed that Bernise first slept with Nigel at a Dubai Hotel while on her way to China. Bernise was aware that Nigel was married and was not bothered about it.In 2015, Nigel went to Kwekwe and married Bernice in a traditional ceremony. 

He paid bride price. Bernise immediately fell pregnant and had Nigel’s first child.However, Nigel’s wife did not know that he now had a second wife.

Nigel then moved Bernise to South Africa where she stayed at one of Nigel’s properties in Vorna Valley. Nigel has now moved to the UK and was traveling between the UK and South Africa. In late 2018, Bernise had a second child who was born at Waterfall City Hospital in Midrand. Nigel flew to South Africa for the birth of the young girl named Zuva.

Bernise Moved to the United KingdomIn March 2019, Nigel moved Bernise and the kids to the UK from South Africa. They were living in Kent.Bernise only stayed in the UK for 4 weeks. She was unhappy about staying home and taking care of the kids and cooking and cleaning without a maid. So, she told Nigel that she wanted to go back to Zimbabwe.

Nigel was unhappy that she wanted to move back to Zimbabwe and refused to pay for the tickets. He also refused to give her the children’s British Passports.By that time, Nigel’s wife had found out and had moved of the house. Bernice Moves Back To ZimbabweIn in spite of Nigel’s unwillingness for Bernise to leave the UK, she still managed to leave the UK.

Sean Mnangagwa reportedly used his connections to get her money to leave the UK. A friend of Bernise called Shingi, who is a travel agent bought Bernise tickets and arranged for her to move to Zimbabwe with the kids.

When she got back to Zimbabwe, Bernise stayed with Shingi for a while Sean was sorting out her accommodation. Nigel followed her to Zimbabwe. When he got to Zimbabwe, Nigel found that Bernice was now cold to him. Bernice said she now wanted to be with Sean. She also confessed that when she was in SA she was sleeping with Sean.

Current Situation– Bernise is now claiming maintenance for the two children of $2000 per month. This court case was set down to be heard yesterday in Harare, however, it was postponed. Nigel is asking Bernise to let the kids come and live in the UK.

– Sean’s wife, Varaidzo has found out about Sean Mnangagwa’s multiple affairs and at one point considered leaving him.
– Nigel is seeking DNA tests for the two children as he suspects that they could be Sean’s children.
– Nigel is going to file a court case against Sean because he is customarily married against Sean.

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