Man with uncontrollable head twitch finally cured after 14 years of misery (photos)

A man with a uncontrollable head twitch has been cured after 14 years of suffering with the debilitating condition.

Iraqi man Saad Harbi Haid Al-Karawi, 28, was diagnosed with dystonia, a rare neurological disorder which makes muscle contract involuntarily, causing repetitive or twisting movement.

He started experiencing the symptoms at the age 14, which he develops abnormal movement that sees him bending backwards and tilting his head uncontrollably.

The genetic disorder also left Saad bed-ridden for three years.
He underwent a 10-hour operation which doctors placed electrodes deep inside his brain.

The complex surgery has a margin of error of less than 0.5mm. Once placed, they are connected to an implant placed in the chest.
Saad has been cured of his tremors and is now able to walk independently with crutches.

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