TRNC assembly approves amnesty for illegal residents and workers

The TRNC assembly on Monday unanimously adopted the draft law on foreigners and immigration (Amendment bill) prepared with the aim of eliminating the problems of irregularities in residency and work security.

The law was adopted as a result of an open vote where 29 deputies voted for, 1 deputy abstained from the votes and 20 deputies did not participate.

The legislation under the law of resident permits and visa applications also includes a ruling on certain fees to be collected.

Speaking after the vote, TRNC Minister of Labor and Social Security,  Faiz Sucuo─člu stated that the informality rate in 2019 increased to 20.44 percent and noted that “This is the highest number seen in the history of TRNC.

The minister noted that people who were residing in the country illegally were living in acceptable conditions, and that the amnesty would be important not only for the economy but also for control, security and peace of mind.

Amnesty circulars will be made available. 

He warned that stringent and heavy measure will be handed out to defaulters. 

Illegal residents and foreigners in the country by the amnesty program will now have the opportunity to register in exchange for the payment of the minimum wage.

Between 8-10, 000 persons are expected to benefit from the amnesty program.

Note: The Amnesty program hasn't started. It has only been approved by the TRNC parliament. We will update you when it officially starts.


  1. That's great no problem happy to have residency just KISS (Keep it stupidly simple). ID, HOUSE PURCHASE/Rental agreement and an admin fee. No running around to various offices please

  2. 8-10,000 people? No chance. Illegal immigrants will never go to the department of labour for protection because they know that their employers will immediately fire them if they do.

    What is the government doing about rogue employers exploiting these people and driving down everyone's wages (not just immigrants') as a result? Absolutely nothing as far as I can see.


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