Doctors warn women not to put TOBACCO in their vaginas amid false claims it can boost sex drive - and warn that it could actually lead to cancer

Medical professionals have debunked theories behind the new trend, which is popular in Africa, saying the substance has no effect on libido.
A new trend has seen women  putting tobacco in their vaginas in a bid to increase their sexual pleasure. Pictured, stock imageDoctors have slammed claims of a link between 'vaginal tobacco' and an increase in sexual pleasure as 'misleading.' Pictured, stock image
According to the Sun UK, they have highlighted the health-related issues 'vaginal tobacco' can cause - including infertility, scarring and in some instances, the vaginal opening to 'close up'.
This can increase the risk of cancer, stillbirth and can also result in difficulties with menstrual cycles.
The practice initiated from the belief that tobacco power can 'shrink genitals, increase sexual pleasure and raises the odds of getting pregnant,' The Sun has reported.
The tobacco is created from the roots of the 'tangora' tree or native plants, such as 'kankouran mano' or 'koundinding.'  
In Senegal, in Africa, the trend is so popular, that sachets are sold for as little as 13p - but doctors are keen to put an end to any suggestion of a link between the substance and libido.

Gynaecologist Dr Abdoulaye Diop told how vaginal tobacco only gives women the feeling their genitals are decreasing in size, as chemicals result in vaginal muscles retracting - but it is not actually the reality.

Meanwhile, women who have tried and tested the trend have claimed to feel sensations of burning and at worst, have been left unconscious.

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