Self isolation and holidays could be extended by 10 days in North Cyprus - TRNC Prime Minister

The self isolation period announced by authorities in north Cyprus last week and expected to end on March 27, might be extended for another two weeks. 

This was made know in a television program by TRNC Prime Minister Ersin Tatar on Thursday who explained that everybody will have to remain at home for another 5-10 days.

Holiday would exceed the 27 March, Tatar said.

March 27 we said in the first place, but events are developing both in south Cyprus and Turkey.
If the measures we take and the Germans are gone, we can gradually revert some sectors back to their open days. But opening the door depends on the development in the south and Turkey. The most important thing is our health. Of course, economy and finance are also important, but the first priority is health. No risk can be taken. We must protect ourselves. Obviously, this will exceed March 27. I think that the holiday may be extended after the 27th of March regarding education and restrictions.
First of all, everybody should be at home for another 5-10 days, we say that this virus does not spread, Tatar said.
We gave the names of our people who came abroad to the home quarantine to the police. The police are following these people. If he leaves the house, he will be punished. These people should also not go out. I am in contact with our Police Director Süleyman Manavoğlu and they are looking at every case.

He noted that there are issues such as lowering energy costs and paying of wages. 

When asked why the price of oil in the country did not decrease, noting that there is an extraordinary decrease in the price of oil in the world, the Prime Minister said;

Tourism is over, students are gone. There will be a big drop in the state's revenues. We are experiencing an extraordinary situation. We have to be able to share what we have fairly and draw a road map.

Speaking on the German tourists in the country, Tatar said  

We will get rid of this when the Germans leave from here.
There are 800 people in Salamis, 400 of them are German. We wanted them to return to their countries as soon as possible.  

Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay contacted the German ambassador, but the Germans asked them to remain in quarantine for 14 days. The TRNC state sees the cost of these people.

We wanted to send the message to the whole world, We had trouble with these Germans and we took good care of them. The world will see that they are getting good treatment here, and we are giving such a test, he said.

Not 100% translated from Turkish Language

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