TRNC Prime Minister backtracks on comment on Africans in the country, says those who invited workers should take responsibility

TRNC Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has backtracked on statement made about Africans in the country, defended measures adopted by his government to manage the crisis caused by Coronavirus reiterating that those who invited workers into the country should take responsibility for them. 

Speaking on a special programme on BRT on Thursday night, Tatar said that politics were used to distort his comments.

As a matter of fact, in the said program, I also mentioned that we will examine and evaluate the demands of some of our laboring brothers and the private sector by giving the name of our Minister of Labor and Social Security, Mr. Faiz Sucuo─člu, and then we can take some steps to some extent. As someone who comes from the private sector, it is not possible to be against the private sector or not to think about the private sector employee. Our effort is to successfully remove our private sector and employees from this crisis, he said. (Not 100% translated from Turkish).

He also said the government was trying to manage the crisis with its different dimensions with the right steps taken at the right time.

The important thing is being able to see ahead. As you may understand this is not an easy thing to do but we shall push through until April. I believe that life will start returning to normal after that, he said.

Speaking on foreign nationals in the country, Tatar said he sympathized with them but just did not have the resources to include them in the support package.

He said that including them in the support package could be considered once examining their remaining numbers in the country.

However, the ultimate responsibility of these people belongs to those who invited them to work in this country, Tatar noted.

Tatar also said that it was not possible to use money they didn’t have or make promises they couldn’t keep as this would create bigger problems in the future.

I have a legal and constitutional obligation to pay the salaries of public servants as well as pensioners. In terms of social justice, the private sector can contribute but I need to look at what I have at hand. I don’t have such a relationship with the private sector, he argued.

On the issue of schools, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said that they could not take any risks by opening schools too early.

Classes will commence after we are a 100 per cent sure the virus is gone, he added.

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