Turkish Cypriot European Parliament member donates 1000 euros to international students in North Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot member of the European Parliament, Niyazi Kızılyürek, have made a donation of 1000 euros to foreign students in the country through the international student organization VOİS.

Kızılyürek also called for help for foreign nationals and students in the country, noting that the crises can be overcome as a part of humanity as a whole, but not nationally and locally.

It is very important for us to follow the “social distancing” guidelines taken in our country regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Staying home is key to protect ourselves and others against the virus. It’s also very important to look after each other and get together to support those in need during this challengingperiod.
I was startled by the statements made regarding foreign students and workers. Racism is never acceptable. However, using such a crisis as ‘an excuse to clean the country’ and turn our back to these people and let them starve is pure racism and totally unacceptable.
Discriminating people based on their colour, language or ethnicity and calling for their imprisonment in barbed areas is a clear act of fascism.
Crises can only be overcome through becoming a part of the humanity as a whole, not through staying ‘local and national’. Foreign students who have to work in order to pursue their studies cannot go to work due to the confinement precautions taken as a result of COVID-19 outbreak. They need our solidarity for their livelihood. Supporting them is our duty and responsibility as human beings.
I call for donations to VOIS Cyprus foreign students organisation in order to support their efforts in meeting the most basic needs of 1500 foreign students who are in urgent need of support. The most important virtue of these times is solidarity.

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