Did you know that the richest UK Cypriot, Levent was born in Nigeria?

Alki David of the Leventis Family, currently the richest Cypriot in the UK and 59th richest man in the world in the Times 1,000 list was born in Nigeria.

David is valued at £2.35 billion. He was born in 1968 in Lagos Nigeria to Cypriot parents and lives in the UK and Los Angeles, USA.

Line of work: David is a member of the Leventis family who merged their global bottling business with Coca Cola to form LSE listed global beverage bottler Coca Cola HBC. 

The company is valued at £7.39 billion of which a £1.7 billion stake belongs to the Leventis family.

Early life:
Alkiviades David was born in May 1968, in Lagos, Nigeria, to a trading and shipping family of Greek Cypriot origin. His father, Andrew A. 

David (1934–2000), was born in Petra, Cyprus and went on to study business at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. In 1957, Andrew A. David joined the family business, the Leventis-David Group in Ghana, where he managed Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Accra.

David attended high school in Switzerland and studied film at the Royal College of Art

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