Registration of unregistered-illegal devices begins in North Cyprus on Monday or get blocked by month end

The registration of unregistered devices in the TRNC will start on Monday, May, 11, The Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTHK) announced on Thursday.

The registration process for unregistered and illegal devices will start on 11 May with appointment method.

BTHK in a statement said individuals can call it's call center on 0392 444 2845 for more information.

It also announced that unregistered devices will not be blocked until 31 May 2020, even after 90 days of active use has expired.

It was  also stated in the statement that the necessary information about the registration process  can be accessed from the link .
Registration Procedures for Unregistered Devices

·      In order to register your device, an appointment must be made with our Call Center by calling +90 0392 444 28 45.

·      Device Registrations will start on 11th May 2020.

·    Unregistered devices will not be disconnected from the network until the 31st of May 2020, even if 90 days of active use time have surpassed.

a.     Petition (To be completed during registration)
b.     The device which is going to be registered.
c.      Passport (Foreign Nationals), Identity Card (TRNC and TR Citizens only)
d.     Original Student Certificate (For Foreign Students Enrolled in Higher Education Institutions in TRNC)
f.       Device registration fee is 21.45 Turkish Liras.

Upon completion of the transaction in the MCKS Registration Unit, you will receive your documents, invoices and receipts indicating that your device has been registered. At this stage, the registration process of your device is not completed.
Along with the documents received from the Registration Unit, the Customs Tax of the device must be paid to the Customs personnel which is located within the same building. The following must be submitted during the Customs Tax payment:
a.      The device which is registered.
b.     Passport (Foreign Nationals), Identity Card (TRNC and TR Citizens only)
c.      All the documents taken from the Registration Unit.

You can complete your registration by submitting the document received as a result of the payment made to the Customs and Registration Unit and the invoice or receipt received from the MCKS Registration Unit to the Subscriber Registration Unit within the same building or to Turkcell or Telsim Subscriber Registration Centers in the district.
If you do not submit your documents to the Subscriber Registration Unit/Centers, your registration process is not completed.

For more information please call BTHK Call Center (0 392 444 28 45) or visit us at ,

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