Students, tourists, and workers will be allowed into the TRNC from June, 8 and must be quarantined

Beginning from 1 June, TRNC citizens living abroad will be able to enter the country under the condition that they will be quarantined while foreign tourists will be allowed into the country from July, 1. 

The decision announced by Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay, was taken in a meeting by the TRNC Council of Ministers on Friday.

Other decisions taken by the council of Ministers is the lifting of night time curfew and extending market work time to 10:00pm. Also, some measures introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country were removed.

-As from June 1, the Night Curfew will be lifted but the obligation to use a mask will continue.
-As from June, 1, Turkish Cypriots who live in the TRNC and are abroad, will be allowed to come into the county and be quarantined. The quarantine costs of these people will be borne by the government. 

***A charter flight will be arranged from the UK to the TRNC, possibly on June 5, June 11 and June 17.

-As from June 8, students, workers with work, student and resident permits in the TRNC, even if they are not "TRNC citizens," will be able to come to the island with the condition of "14 days quarantine". However, these people will pay the quarantine cost themselves.

***The quarantine cost will be announced by the Ministry of Finance.

-Kudret Özersay stated that, "If the conditions continue as they are today," foreign tourists will be able to come to the country, under certain conditions as from July, 1, and different procedures will be applied to those coming from "high risk" or "low risk" countries.

*** He stated that countries will be determined as "Category 1" and "Category 2" regarding the arrival of tourists. Those coming from "high risk" countries will be quarantined, while tourists from countries with "less risk" will be able to stay in the country after undergoing coronavirus. Detailed work in this direction will be announced later.

-The Ministry of Transport will make a statement on Public Transport next week. 

-Casinos will open from 1 June if they fulfill their obligations, including 'concession fees'.

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