TRNC may be forced to reintroduce total lockdown if measures are not followed

Failure to comply with rules such as hygiene, mask and social distancing during the normalization process might pose to a risk to the society and if this happens, the country will be closed again, said the TRNC head of the Prime Ministry Covid-19 Coordination Council, Sibel Siber said on Friday.

Speaking on the “Obligation of individuals to obey the rules”… Covid-19 Coordination Council President Dr. Sibel Siber stated that it is the obligation of both institutions and individuals to obey the rules such as hygiene, mask and social distance set by the Council of Ministers. Pointing out that if the rules are not followed and the specified measures are not taken, the risk will be created.

"We can close again in case of any negativity," , Siber warned, 

With the coronavirus epidemic around the world, and seen in the TRNC, life has stopped for almost 2 months. 

The TRNC on Monday, May, 4 started easing restrictions by allowing some workplaces to open and remove partial bans to start the normalization process.    

She said the fact that businesses and individuals do not care about some of the rules that they have to apply in this process revealed other risks. Although everyone who goes out on the streets with the social distance rule is obliged to wear a mask, unfortunately these warnings were not observed in some places.    

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