Who's next daddy, is it you or me?' - Boy, 7, asked his dad after his mother and grandmother died from Coronavirus (video)

A DAD who survived the passing of his wife and mother-in-law from coronavirus broke down in tears after his son asked him - "who's next daddy, you or me?"

Boy, 7, asks his father 'who's next' after losing his mother and ...
Chris Cadby lost his wife, Julianne, and his mother-in-law to Covid-19 in the space of three weeks before battling the deadly virus himself.

 Julianne was an NHS worker based in Cardiff
Having already told his son that his granny had passed away on April 11, Chris was now left with the heartbreaking task of telling his on about his wife's passing.

 Julianne (left) and her mother Joan (right) both passed away from coronavirus in the space of three weeks
Speaking to Sky News this morning Chris,43, said: 

He came down, I already had to tell him on Sunday that his granny had died.
I called him down I said: Evan, mummy has gone to be with granny' and he came over and gave me a hug. He had a little cry. In the afternoon he said 'who's next daddy, is it going to be you or me?' I said I hope it's none of us. We don't want any more do we?

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