Passengers coming to the TRNC to obtain a “Fit to fly/healthy to fly” certificate and coronavirus test from July 1

Depending on the situation of Covid-19 pandemic and developments in the TRNC, scheduled flights to and from the TRNC may begin on July 1 as passengers will also be required to obtain a “Fit to fly/healthy to fly” certificate and coronavirus test.

TRNC, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Tolga Atakan made the statements in a television program on Wednesday.

He explained that the quarantine obligation is for those coming to the TRNC before July 1.

He noted that the approach in the world is to learn how to live with the virus and that a new model has been formed in air transportation that may lead to a new structure in passenger transport like leaving some seats empty in the aircraft which may lead to high flying cost.

Noting that scheduled flights to the TRNC may start at a much lower frequency, he listed some strict rules that will be applied at the airport aimed to fly at full capacity.
-Passengers will be required to obtain a “Fit to fly / healthy to fly” (Fit To Fly - FTF) certificate. 
-Passengers must submit coronavirus PCR test not later than 2 days.
-This may have to be implemented after July if there is a second wave of the virus.

Even if scheduled flights start, people who do not have any ties with TRNC will not be able to come to the island before 1 July. With scheduled flights, a tourist can come from July 1, but not on June 23. 

If the situation as it is today continue till July 1 and the Ministry of Health says 'everything is ok, we will not apply quarantine', everyone can come. ”

Atakan said that tourists coming from high-risk countries will not be allowed to enter the TRNC, as experts of the Ministry of Health are working on my list of constantly risky countries. 

He said that the TRNC is bound to extremely strict rules of international air transport.

We followed them with our counterparts in Turkey. We will also see the points the digital health scorecard, which is applied in parallel with the developments there. If we are satisfied, we will not test. If we are not satisfied, even those who come from the country without risk will be tested even if he/she has a test, Atakan said.

He also warned people not to buy flight ticket without a flight scheduled description. He said many airline companies has started selling tickets and that the sale of tickets to the TRNC does not mean that there would be a flight at that time, and nobody should buy a ticket without seeing a “scheduled flight starts on that date.

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