TikTok is STILL spying on iPhone users by secretly reading content saved to clipboard

TikTok is STILL spying on iPhone users by secretly reading content saved to the clipboard, devices running on the beta version of Apple’s iOS 14 have revealed.

Revealed: TikTok still spying on iPhone users by secretly reading ...
Earlier this year TikTok was found to secretly read users’ clipboards firm vowed to stop accessing clipboards, but a new report finds it has not users testing Apple’s iOS 14 found the app is still copying from their clipboards notifications appears at the top warning users the app is accessing content.

TikTok STILL secretly reading content saved to iPhone clipboard ...
The beta release of Apple’s iOS 14 has pulled the curtain on TikTok, revealing the video-sharing app is still secretly reading users’ clipboard contents.

The firm came under fire for snooping earlier this year and vowed to stop accessing devices’ clipboards, but users testing the new operating system found TikTok has not kept its promise.

When the app accesses the clipboard on a device with iOS 14, a notification appears at the top and a video shared on Twitter shows that TikTok was looking at the clipboard every free stroke – even when it was running in the background.

A TikTok spokesperson told The Verge that it submitted an update to the App Store to have the feature removed.

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