What do you want to do with a paternity test when your own paternity is in doubt? Man tells men who demand a DNA test

A Facebook user, Hugo Abuudo has slammed men who desperately want a DNA test conducted on their children.

Hugo took to Facebook to say most men, including our great grandfathers are most likely not the true sons of their fathers, so he wonders why men these days want to know the paternity of their children.

He went on to say, in Igbo culture, every child a woman gives birth to while still married is the child of her husband (we can;t confirm that), lol.

His undiluted words below....

In Igbo custom and culture, every child born by a wife in a marriage automatically belongs to her husband.

There is no contesting it.

DNA/ paternity test is out to destroy the marriage institution as we know it.

Most of our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were not actually the biological children of their fathers.

So sometimes I ask, what do you want to do with a paternity test when your own paternity is in doubt?''

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