Woman sentenced to life in prison for killing her 7 year old son .

Bilge Kunduracı, who was arrested  for the murder of her 7-year-old son in 2017 has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Lefkosa High  Court. 
Chief Justice  Nüvit Gazi announced the decision of the delegation which was decided unanimously by  Chief Judge Nufit Gazi, the Senior Judge Şerife Clerk and Judge Umut Inan.  Gazi emphasized that the crime of "killing" is one of t TY he heaviest crimes that deserve life imprisonment. 

Emphasizing that the crimes of manslaughter are increasing day by day in the country Chief Judge Gazi stated that those who commit murder should be given harsh deterrent and exemplary punishments due to public interest against those who commit such crimes.  

Mr Gazi stated that the 'right to life' is one of the most important fundamental rights and freedoms stipulated by the Constitution.

Gazi underlined that the crime of “killing” is increasing day by day in TRNC, which is a small island country from the statistics in the  High Criminal Courts.  Gazi stated that it is an undeniable fact that the crimes of "killing" are extremely disturbing and uneasy to the society, causing the individuals to be concerned about the future, and therefore, the sense of living in peace and security in the society is weak, and as a result, the members of the society are not concerned about the safety of life. 

Judge  Nüvit Gazi also stated that the defendant was in the process of finalizing her divorce and that her spouse, who lived  separately from her .

Gazi underlined that the crime of committing crimes against her own child, who is 7 years old and vulnerable, increases the severity of the crimes committed, as well as the brutality of the defendant's killing of the child ,with 19 blades stuck in the chest and abdomen of the victim .

Gazi said that in the Turkish Cypriot culture, the family and family parent-child relationship is of great importance and families are trembling their children and do not know the limit in their sacrifice for them.  .  Gazi underlined that the defendant committed the crime and declared that they were giving her  a life sentence, which is the maximum punishment.

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