46th anniversary of Greek Coup in Cyprus

The 15th of July marks the 46th anniversary of the bloody coup carried out in Cyprus by the Greek junta and its Greek Cypriot supporters in order to achieve ENOSIS-unification of Cyprus with Greece.

Today mark 46 years ago when Cyprus was drenched in bloodshed when the organizers of the coup put into effect the notorious Akritas Plan, a plan to establish a Hellenic republic in Cyprus.

It was on the 15th of July 1974 when Nicos Sampson, overthrew the President of the 1960 Cyprus Republic Archbishop Makarios with the support of the Greek military Junta.

Hundreds of Greek Cypriot supporters of Makarios were also killed during the coup d’├ętat carried out by the Greek Junta.

Makarios, who succeeded in escaping the coup, addressed the UN Security Council on the 19th of July, where he accused Greece of carrying out mass killings and warned Turkish Cypriots about the similar dangers awaiting them.

As the situation worsened on the island, Turkey, as one of the three guarantor powers in Cyprus, intervened to fulfil its obligations falling under the treaties of Alliance and Guarantees.

Five days later, Turkey launched the Peace Operation on the 20th of July with the aim of protecting the lives and properties of Turkish Cypriots who were subjected to ethnic cleansing.

The Turkish Peace Operation was later followed by the resignation of the Greek government and the withdrawal of Nicos Sampson.

A national alliance government was established in Greece and Sampson in Cyprus was replaced by Glafkos Clerides- who was the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time.


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