Group protest in vehicle convoy over entry into the TRNC without quarantine

Entries into the TRNC without quarantine was protested against by a vehicle action in Lefkosa on Monday.

Citizens organized a no-quarantine entry group on social media and decided to take action in Lefkosa to demand that no-quarantine entries are not allowed without the necessary infrastructure.

The activists created a vehicle convoy in front of the Prime Ministry in Dereboyo, Lefkosa on Monday evening. No body got out of the vehicle during the action due to the risk of Covid-19.

They called on authorities to ensure organization, and implement measures and practices in line with the real risk situation of countries.

The demands made by the No Quarantine Entries group for some time which they repeated before the Assembly are as follows: 
-“Pandemic hospital should be ready. 
-Test capacity should be sufficient.
-When grouping entries, the risk groups of the World Health Organization and Independent organizations should be taken as basis. 
-Passengers from different risk group countries should not travel together. If it does, all passengers on that plane should be treated according to the highest risk group passenger on board. 
-Health / scientists in our country and in the world should be treated according to whatever they say, and political decisions should not be made in this regard. 
-It is necessary to stop listening to the warnings of organized professional organizations. 
-Authorities should be transparent and consistent. 
-Disclosures should not be made late. It should not drag the public to panic. 
-For the incoming tourist / student, free test from country resources, quarantine, etc. expenses should not be made. These expenditures should be covered by the hotel, university or related institutions.
-Persons who come from abroad and enter the country and do not comply with these conditions should be punished and deported. 

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