Racism on North Cyprus Expats group on Facebook exposed

A post on North Cyprus Expats group on Facebook accuses an African male student of being a drug dealer and approaching three young Turkish Cypriot girls.

The poster then advised parents to speak to their daughter.

This might be a case of false accusation and one that only the police should decide. Posting it in public domain is totally out of place and called for. Such an habit of stereotyping Africans in the island will not be accepted from anyone.

In another developments as recalled by a Nigerian who is also a member of the group, on Monday, a Nigerian student posted and asked if one can stay back after school.. A group member responded to the post with a “No.” When the Nigerian asked for more information, the same person replied in a rude manner telling him the information he’s looking for on here is posted on the government website and it’s in “simple English.” 

When attacked for his harsh response, he simply deleted his comments. 

Another post also showed a man referring to a black snake as his friend.

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