Abike Dabiri-Erewa and her false claims about Northern Cyprus: Madam get your facts right and stop spreading misinformation

The CEO, Nigerians in Disapora Commission, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa on Monday, August, 24, made an unfounded statement that called on parents to "Stop sending their children to schools in Northern Cyprus" on grounds that "it was too risky as hundreds of Nigerian students had been killed there mysteriously.
This statement is absolutely false and full of misinformation as this woman had never in her life time visited Northern Cyprus neither did she carry out any form of investigations into the allege claims. 

In one of the tweets by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, it said about 100 students have died mysteriously in the country.
Permit me to ask... How?, When?

It's true that Nigerians like other nationals are dying in Cyprus, but there is no where in the world where foreigners are not been killed or dying. 

This is not supporting any claims of Nigerians dying in North Cyprus: But Nigerians are dying violently in the UK, China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Malaysia and other countries....

Yes the country has its flaws but there is no where in the world where foreigners don't face illegalities especially when you are black.

If she can make such claims, it is also important that she provide and list the names of all the about 100 Nigerians who have died mysteriously in Northern Cyprus and explain how they died.

There are thousands of Nigerians, and other African students studying in the country of which majority of them can testify to her claims. North Cyprus is in fact a very friendly and accommodating country but with economic issues which is not peculiar to it.

Nigerians living in the country can speak for themselves and tell of the real situation in the country than someone living in the comfort of her room in Nigeria.

The same country she is condemning is the same country several state governments are sending students to on scholarships on yearly basis. It will shock you to know that almost all northern states in Nigeria gives scholarships to students to study in North Cyprus. TETFUND is still sponsoring students to the same country she said is not recognized. 

Talk of recognition, there is no Nigerian university with higher global ranking than the major universities in Northern Cyprus.

Approximately twenty thousand African students are studying in Northern Cyprus, majority of whom are Nigerians.

Let's take a look at some of her death count..
First she said about 100 student had died mysterious but was only able to mention less than 10. Does this not indicate that she has an ulterior motive with such a false claim? 

Most of the deaths she listed on her tweets were some who drowned in the sea and others as a result of confrontations between fellow Nigerians. Few are between Nigerians and Turkish students or students of other nations.

Here are records of some of these cases, some of which the friends of the deceased can corroborate.
One case she mentioned is that of Obasanjo Owoyale, who was brutally murdered by his own friend, a Nigerian and his money taken away from him. Today the suspect is in jail in Northern Cyprus. Read here.

The only case involving Turkish students is that of Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede. The case is still in court and all the suspects fingered in the murder are currently facing trial. See here

Another case is Walshak Augustine who was killed by his Nigerian roommate. Read here. The prime suspect is still in jail.

Hassan Babatunde reportedly drowned in the sea according to his friends who are all Nigerians and were at the sea with him when the incident happened. Read here.

Kubiat Abasi Abraham Okon reportedly drown in a dam while out with his Nigerian friends. Read here.

Oziegbe Gospower Airekugose was reported missing and it was later discovered that he was in prison. Read here. There was never any news that he died. In fact his friends said his family took him back home after the incident. So where did Abike get the news of his death from?

Ibrahim Khaleel death was also reported but not much was said about it. Northern Cypriot officials said his death was 'suicide'. But his family never accepted the court order. Read here and here.

These are but a few that we have records on.

No one is happy to loose a loved one far away from home without finding closure. We sympathize with the families of the departed and pray that their soul continue to rest in peace.

We demand justice for these deaths and that of Ibrahim Khaleel.

At this point we call on Hon. Dabiri-Erewa to urgently visit North Cyprus or send delegations to the country to investigate these false claims than send out the wrong message without due investigation.

Like someone said, "This Abike Dabiri just have personal issues with North Cyprus and I know money is involved". This statement might not be far from the truth as she do this on a yearly basis.

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  1. Thank you for this...
    Abike Dabiri has kept on proving that she is compromised and highly incompetent in her position.


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