Dental caries

Dental caries are formed when sugars and other carbohydrates are broken down into acids by bacteria that lives in the mouth.

Most parents find it difficult to inculcate the habit of brushing teeth every morning, gargling mouth after meal in their kids and this leads to holes,stained teeth and plague buildup.

It is also seen in adults as a result of poor oral hygiene.

Foods that cause dental caries;

Bread,chocolate, biscuits, candies, cookies,sugar-chewing gum,high carbohydrate foods that stick to the teeth for bacteria to act on.

Carbonated drinks contain citric and phosphoric acid that wear away the tooth enamel.

Foods that prevent dental caries

*Peanuts. *Sugar free gums
*Milk *Yoghurt
Green and black tea(they contain polypherols that kill or hold back bacteria).

Effects of dental caries.

1.Pulling out of teeth due to pain and discomfort.
2.Difficulty in eating and sleeping.
3.Abscesses that may result in pain and chronic infection
4. Plague development on the root of the teeth.


-Always add fluoride to your water

-Rinse mouth after meals and

-Chewing sugar free gum

-Use mouthwash before you sleep.

-Routine visits to dentists.

-Teach your children how to brush teeth and give them less of sugary foods in the evening if they wont brush before bedtime.

-Floss everyday.

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