Dietary treatment of bowleg and K-leg

Ricket in children is mostly not noticeable because they look plumpy and well fed.Their energy intake is usually adequate.

The child tends to be miserable, have flabby toneless state of muscles that causes a pot-belly.

The child sits, walk and teeth late.

Other general symptoms are gastrointestinal upset and sweating of the head.
All these are as a result of lack of calcium in bones.

NB: Ricket a.k a.bowleg/k-leg is caused by deficiency of Vitamin D and not dietary lack of Calcium.

Dietary sources of Vitamin D;
From animal sources like milk,yoghurt,breakfast cereals

Dietary treatment;
*Cod-liver oil for Vitamin D; 3 teaspoons three times a day is adequate.

*Calcium best given ad milk at least half litre a day (cow milk contains 120mg calcium per 100ml).

*Mild bone deformities tend to be corrected with early treatment
Sunshine is important for Vitamin D

Tablets containing calcium can be given by physician,don't give calcium supplement on your own to prevent calcium overload which might be fatal.

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