Pica and it's effect

Pica is a compulsive disorder whereby people eat items that have no nutritional value. This usually occur in children to adulthood, autistic people and pregnant women.

Things they regularly eat are; 

*Remainder of cigarette

Causes of Pica 
1.Deficiency of Iron,zinc or any other nutrients.

2.Person with mental disorder like schizophrenia, OCD may develop pica as coping mechanism.

3.Dieting and malnourishment; they use it to feel full.

4.Crave for texture and flavour of nonfood example sand and clay(nzu). 

#Lead poisoning
#Parasitic infection
#Intestinal blockages

-Tests will be carried out to check blood level,zinc and other essential nutrients.
-Check for blockages of the intestinal tract
-Mental evaluation
-Consume foods rich in iron like milk,liver etc and calcium rich foods.
-Pregnant women should have fruits handy so as to stop the crave.


*Close attention to eating habit.
*Close supervision of children known to put things in the mouth.
*Pregnant women should increase their blood level my taking iron supplements and green vegetables

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